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Serena & Lily Summer Catalog | fresh ideas for the nursery and home decor

Nearly seven years ago, I was very, very pregnant with my first child.  Maternity leave was right around the corner. I really wanted to be able to spend time with my little girl and not return to a stressful job in midtown Manhattan. Oh what to do?

I decided that I would open an adorable little boutique in the quaint town we lived in on the banks of the Hudson River. Whenever I name something, it is never really a stretch (lack of imagination I suspect) – my dog is named Pooch, I once had a cat named Kitty. Why not call my little children’s boutique, Bella Baby – after all, my little girl’s name was going to be Isabella. I would name it after her. Very, very original.

At the time, I loved Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic look.  The centerpiece of our living room was a Shabby Chic couch, and two huge comfy armchairs covered in complementary linen fabrics that just fit perfectly in our 1880’s farmhouse. I had ordered from the gorgeous Shabby Chic store in Soho an adorable looking crib with a lovely bedding set, with several different fabrics – the crib skirt was delicate pinks with green stripes, the bumpers were large roses on one side and small roses on the other, the sheets were solid pink.

To make a long story short, this crib set up became the inspiration for my store.

The store location was located. Lease was signed. Name was picked. Logo developed. Now the fun part, purchasing inventory. One of the first products I fell in love with was this sweet brand – Serena & Lily.  At that time, I believe they carried a very limited product line.  Nursery only. It fit right in with my Shabby Chic inspired store. My store shelves looked adorable with their soft, delicate nursery collection proudly displayed. Their slings (which I don’t think they carry anymore) were made of a sturdy linen fabric with pretty embroidery – with unbelievable packaging. Just beautiful.

Once we moved from New York to Arizona and Bella Baby was no more, I lost track of Serena & Lily.

So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I opened my mailbox and this bright, gorgeous catalog jumped right out of the pile of mail.

Sophisticated and whimsical fabrics, vibrant colors, fun color schemes, happy patterns, splashy accents, appealing to both modern and rustic tastes. Take one look at the Serena and Lily Summer Catalog and you will see all of this and more. They have evolved from only baby and kids to featuring all sorts of cool stuff: perfectly pouffy cubes for a child’s playroom, modern upholstered furniture, luxurious adult bedding, fresh children’s decor, fun zodiac pillows, a perfect paint collection, rugs, accessories – even a bazaar with one a kind finds.

My favorite item – because I know my daughter’s would just love them and they would look oh, so cute in their room – The Pink Moroccan Leather Pouf

My favorite amazing feature from their website – MAKE YOUR BED.  A hand-drawn sketch of a bed with little tabs on the side (duvets, sheets, euro shams, blankets, pillows)  that allows you to mix and match with the click of a mouse. This feature allows you to “experiment with hundreds of combinations to find the look you love” from all of their sumptuous offerings.

The gorgeous lifestyle photography that they use in their catalog gets a huge thumbs up from Keith.


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