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When a client contacts us to book a portrait session we generally recommend the session begin in their home.  We try and incorporate familiar and meaningful places as part of their portrait session so the home is a great place to start.  But sometimes, especially when a family is visiting the Scottsdale area all the way from New York City, having the family portrait session in the home is not an option.

Plan B for those that are visiting from out of town is to find a convenient, beautiful spot where their child can be themselves. Usually, the resort where the family is staying is a great starting point or one of the gorgeous parks that are so easy to come by in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

While location is certainly relevant, nothing is more important than the subject – your child.

Whether it be a resort, your back yard or a park, invariably a child will just be themselves. It may take a few minutes of sizing up their surroundings, but children have the amazing ability to adapt and enjoy just about any environment they find themselves in. The joy of photographing children is to capture their ability to be unscripted. Anywhere.

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