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serene for a moment | our child unscripted

Last week Keith was in the Bay area to photograph a beautiful family. Since the kids are finished with school, the family decided to join him. Not very hard to convince me (or did I convince him?) that on the road family time in such a gorgeous locale was something not to pass up. It was a lovely few days of visiting with friends, eating delicious food and spending fun time with the girls exploring the coast.

Sometimes (well let me be completely honest, lots of times), I look at my children and my heart hurts because it is full of so much love for them. This was one of those times.

Gabby dipped her toes in the chilly water and just loved it. She came over to me and asked me to roll up her pants. I suggested that she take per pants off since they would probably get wet. She was having none of that – no time to take them off, she needed to get back to the water. I knew how this scene was going to play out. She was running in and out of the water at full speed. Nearby, her sister, a bit more seasoned with how the tide rolls in and out remained dry. But Gabby needed to figure it out for herself. She learned just how cold the San Francisco Bay can be when you are drenched from head to toe.

But that didn’t stop her enthusiasm and that’s what makes her so endearing. I can still hear her laughter as she ran in a bit more each time and then ran out a bit. Each time the tide catching her just a little bit more. Until she was soaked.

Just looking at this picture prompts exact memories. I just look at her standing there so serene in this one particular shot and I know that as the years pass, I will just have to take one look at this picture to be reminded of her strong will and huge zest for life that day and every day of her childhood.

It’s a small little snippet, a frame, a fraction of a second, a scene frozen from Gabby’s childhood that is forever.  A small moment that fills me heart with love.

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