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La Petite Magazine is an absolutely stunning online publication that captures the beauty of childhood in a variety of ways. I just loved this feature from their current issue – this doll is so cool and the picture with the camera is just too cute.  Inside the pages of this magazine, you will find great photography, illustrations, features, recommendations – all centered around children!

Below is an excerpt taken from their website – gives you an idea about the goal of the magazine.

About La Petite

Welcome to La Petite Magazine!  Thanks for joining us as we pioneer a new avenue of inspiration for you!  We’re bubbling with excitement to share with you everything extraordinary for the little one in your life…including fashion, design, DIY projects, unforgettable stories, and other helpful ingredients to make your life even more rich!

Like the strokes of a paintbrush, our desire at La Petite is to inspire you to create on the canvas of motherhood.  As we recall our childhoods, the most memorable of moments seem drenched in the smell of our grandmother’s perfume, in the bright colors of our favorite sundress, or in the nursery rhyme that we can still remember word for word…accompanied by the silly motions that were choreographed by our silly fathers.  Now, we get to wear the hat of the beloved mum & the constructor of memories.  Our desire is that you put on this hat (dare I say it, probably a ultra chic fedora hat) with the creativity, imagination, and inspiration of a master painter.  It’s your life, make it beautiful!



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