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our baby turns 5 | scottsdale birth photographer

So hard to believe that our youngest daughter is 5.

I just asked Keith, “what do you love most about Gabby?”. His answer, “What I love most about her is what drives me the most crazy!”. She is not wishy washy, she is passionate, she is full of extremes – and most of them will melt your heart. She is full of hugs, and laughs, and tears. She wears her emotion on her sleeve and is just so honest and precious, caring and loving and frustrating all at the same time. She is just so lovable.

When I was snuggling with her this morning in bed, I was laying there thinking about what I love most about her.

I just love her.

I love everything about her. She is priceless in so many ways. There are times I wish we could just squeeze our kids and not them go and hope they stay exactly the same: beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, sweet little girls.

Happy Birthday Gabby.

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