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Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! Albert Einstein

With the 2-Day Paris Photography Workshop official, we needed a few photos from the archives to use in our blog post. As we poured over all the beautiful photos Keith has taken in Paris, I started to reminisce.

The last time we were in Paris, I was pregnant with Isabella – exactly 8 years ago this month. The above picture takes me right back to that trip.

When we originally made our plans to travel, we did not know that I was pregnant. Imagine the idea of traveling to a city famous for its mouth watering cheese and amazing wine and not being able to take advantage? Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn’t resist completely. (I did cheat a bit and Isabella turned out perfectly fine!)

Conveniently enough, France is also the land of homemade crepes, buttery croissants, fresh baked baguettes and drop dead gorgeous patisseries. Pregnant in Paris turned out to be my excuse to say yes to every single food that looked delicious.

I showed this picture to Isabella and she said “Oh yeah, I remember that”. Isabella is convinced that she was able to peek through my belly button and be a tourist in utero. Asked if she’s ever been to France, her answer is a convincing “yes!”. To her, the fact that she traveled in my belly to a far away land means she was there, she remembers!

I love her imagination. I love magical thinking. I love her conviction that she has traveled to far away places. The land of life is beautiful.

Apparently she had a pretty good view.

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