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a few things that made me smile | arizona children’s photographer

    A few things I liked this past week

…Picking up film from the lab and seeing the expressions on the children’s faces in the photos taken by Keith at Gabby’s birthday party. Pure joy!

…My favorite photo of the week above (from the film referenced above!)

…A little ensemble Isabella would look so pretty wearing

…Miss Gabby would complement her sister perfectly in this beautiful dress

…The most used craft supply in our house this week, hands down! (the kids used lots of pastels, love and color making Keith’s birthday cards)

…A cool Valentine handout that I’ve been meaning to do for years!

…Gabby’s new pop-up book

…My new favorite cupcake!

…Love this e-zine (and love that they use photography in all sorts of cool places!)

Happy Weekend!

Miriam Dalton - February 11, 2012 - 4:01 am

Thank you!

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