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danielle daniel – she paints stories | unscripted portrait photographers

Yesterday, I had a few precious moments alone (yes, alone without children!) at Barnes & Noble. I was flipping through a magazine and came across the above artist, Danielle Daniel. I just love her style and her message: She paints stories. With the camera, Keith tells stories through photographs. So many mediums, so many great artists.

I know she has an etsy shop where she sells some of her art, paintings and art dolls. I think I might inquire and see if she does custom work.

How cute would one of these paintings be of your own children?

Here’s a few words about the artist taken from her website: Danielle Daniel is a self-taught multi-media artist and writer. She is inspired by unwritten stories and the layers in between. Since picking up the paintbrush in 2010, she has painted more than 500 paintings. Danielle paints the feminine and expresses her own femininity throughout her artwork. She no longer wears her teacher pants to work, trading them in for her jeans, painting apron and converse shoes.

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