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gabby and her scooter | scottsdale children’s portrait photographers

When I look into Gabby’s beautiful blue eyes, I feel like I can see into her heart. For Gabby every day is a journey into a world of possibility and magic, of kindness and caring, a free flowing little girl that embraces life through laughter and tears.

And in the case of the above picture: frustration. She loves her little scooter that Grammy gave her for her birthday – but wow does she get frustrated when she isn’t just zipping along seamlessly through the park. So Keith captured her deciding that she had scooted enough for the day. I can just hear her saying how her “ankles hurt”. (Her usual explanation when she has decided that physical activity and her are not getting along).

Glad Keith was there to capture this picture that defines Gabby. Her childhood.

(I just noticed she is barefoot – just like her daddy! I’m not sure she and Keith would ever wear shoes if it wasn’t mandatory in certain situations!)

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