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what to pack for a month in paris | children’s photography paris

The preparations had been made over the last few months: airline tickets purchased, an apartment rented for the month (so much fun searching on and, kids passports renewed (in time!), jobs booked in Paris, planning our workshop. The calendar flew by, July 2nd came fast.

Our big adventure to Paris began with an over night flight to Boston to visit with relatives for a few days. The kids had a great time being spoiled by both their great grandmothers. Our Boston pit stop was over in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, we were saying Au Revoir to loved ones and sitting at Logan Airport ready to board our flight to Paris.

Keith and I are not big on over planning – in fact we are very fastidious about our work and being where we need to be when we need to be there but everything else we let fall into place. Our kids love to travel and are very adaptable so as long as the basics are planned, we are good.

That being said, traveling with two small children (especially internationally) does require some planning. Being away from home and office for nearly 5 weeks requires some organization. After all, this trip is part work and part vacation so we need to have a mobile office as well as all the necessities for the family.

What to pack?
* Stuff to do on the long plane ride. (and of course, expect the kids to use almost nothing that you brought, but be prepared anyway!) This includes card games, snacks, books, neck rests, paper + markers, Iphone (or the equivalent) for movies and games. I always like to include a wrapped “present” for them. Something for them to look forward to that also entertains them. The inexpensive present is usually a bit hit (dry erase board w markers, small Polly Pocket set, you get the idea). Nothing expensive, just something that will keep them busy.

*Paris has very unpredictable weather – so we needed a little of everything. Don’t overpack, but make sure all scenarios are covered. During our stay we need to be prepared for hot, cold, rain, sun and everything in between. That means light rain jacket, umbrella, layers including light sweaters, pants, shorts, tshirts, comfortable walking shoes.

*To take our photography business on the road, we need basics like Keith’s full camera bag – including digital and film cameras, lots of film, memory cards, batteries, chargers and adapters. A laptop (preloaded with all of our business correspondence), Ipad, Skype# and cell phones.

*Some local currency. When you get off the plane, your kids might be thirsty or want something substantial to eat. Having a few euros on you could save the day.

We are almost a week into our trip and we haven’t skipped a beat since we left. Looking forward to sharing all of our adventures!

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