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Restaurant Chartier | where to eat in paris with kids

Right in the neighborhood where we are staying there is a huge assortment of cafes, brasseries, American restaurants (yes, Chipotle and Hard Rock Cafe to name a couple) and English pubs. We noticed on one of our walks a restaurant set back in a courtyard just off of Blvd Montmartre. Every time we walk by in the evening – there is a really long line. We took a look at the very extensive menu full of reasonably priced French dishes and understood why Restaurant Chartier was definitely a restaurant we needed to try.

The night we decided to go we were really lucky. We walked in with no wait. Going out to dinner with small children can be an adventure. But the ambiance in this restaurant was incredible. The kids eyes were everywhere – so much to take in. The maitre d’ that looked like he may have been there for a few generations pointed us to our table. Lots of waiters in traditional garb, a bit surly and hurried. Lots of chatter. Lots of great looking food that smelled delicious. Lots and lots of noise. The perfect place for dinner with the kids!

Restaurant Chartier has been in continuous operation since 1896 claiming to have served billions of dishes and I actually believe this claim. Wow, this place was jammed full of people and character. I loved that there was a healthy mix of tourists as well as French families. The menu is extensive yet simple. Something for everyone. Desserts kept going by our table making it a necessity to order something at the end of our meal.

There are no checks. The waiter takes your order directly on the paper table cloth cover. I’m not sure how he conveys the order to the kitchen – a good memory I assume! When you ask for the check, he tallies the items on the table cloth and writes a number in Euro. Love it!

When we walked out of the restaurant there was a line that wrapped down the street. Not sure how we lucked out on our timing. If you are near Grand Boulevards and are looking for a great place to eat with the family – do not miss Restaurant Chartier! Oh and they don’t take reservations!

Restaurant Chartier
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