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chateau de versailles | things to do in paris with kids

Talk about impressive! The palace at Versailles is just amazing. And I have to say – the kids loved it!

The day started with an RER train ride from Paris to Versailles. The kids were thrilled when a double decker train pulled up and they were able to sit on the second floor of the train. The ride was short – maybe 20 minutes. A 5 minute walk from the train station and before you know it you are standing in front of the most gold you have ever seen in your life.

Versailles is very ornate and very, very beautiful! We took a long walk through the gardens to the Petit Trianon. Along the way, we stopped for lunch at a sweet little pizza stand tucked into a row of perfectly manicured trees. The grounds are quite extensive so we took another rest at a gorgeous open field lined with really tall trees. The perfect spot to kick back and relax. AND the perfect spot for Keith to photograph the kids (more to come – my favorite pictures of the kids so far on this trip!) the light was amazing.

We passed a delightful little spot where you could row boats. From there we kept forging ahead until we arrived at Petit Trianon. Marie Antoinette’s home – apparently her refuge from the crowd at Versailles. After a tour of the house – we started our walk back to the palace choosing a different route through the gardens.

The palace is just overwhelmingly large. Such a long illustrious history. The kids were getting a little bit tired – but a quick promise to visit the gift shop on our way out gave them the fortitude to keep going. We had the audio sets around our necks which was a great benefit – since each room is so unique. The Hall of Mirrors is amazing. I can just imagine a formal function with all the ladies dressed in their gorgeous dresses and everyone dancing and laughing. Isabella asked if you can rent the room for a wedding. Not sure. But if you could – the photographs would be gorgeous.

Our final stop was the private apartments of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Very, very ornate. The fabrics, the size of the beds, the set up of the rooms – all seemed to capture the kid’s attention.

Pleasantly surprised how the kids happily sat through the 2 short documentaries of the history of Versailles and really seemed to embrace listening to their headsets. Just like Les Invalides, the kids enjoyed Versailles far greater than my expectations. Not sure if anything is sinking in, but at least they are having a good time!

And so are we!

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