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gabby unscripted | paris with kids

Isabella and I had gone in another direction and Keith and Gabby were walking around the Marais for a few minutes by themselves. Keith snapped this quick picture of Gabby just being herself: unscripted.

This photo is a snap shot into how this month has been.

Traveling with children certainly has its challenges. Part of me wants to write a post about traveling to Paris with children and I am so tempted to have the first line read: Tips about bringing the kids to Paris for a month, DON’T!

But that thought is only fleeting. Traveling with children in Paris mostly has its rewards! There is probably one moment each day where I am frustrated with them in some shape or form – it could be a whine or a complaint or just them not moving to the side fast enough when a commuter wants pass on the metro. But over all, these kids have been great! They are having so much fun and are so amenable to everything we have thrown at them.

The photo above kind of captures it all for me. This was towards the end of a warm day of sightseeing. We had visited the MUSÉE CARNAVALET (a great museum about the history of Paris), we had walked through the Marais (love this area of town), had walked over Pont Marie to get them some really delicious ice cream from Berthillon (post to come!), sat by the Seine for a bit and then decided it was time to head home. Keith walked in one direction with Gabby and apparently took this shot while she was running through the street.

My point is that after a full day of sightseeing, these kids still have the reserve to run a little bit more, climb a bit higher and just in general keep having a great time, regardless of where they are.

I’m going to miss this place!

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