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first day of school | scottsdale children’s photographer

The first day of school. A bitter sweet day I must say. Part of me has been counting down the 76 (??!76???) days of summer vacation from the moment the kids had their final dismissal back on May 23rd. I took a look at the school calender and August 8th seemed like it was a million days away. How will we survive running the business with two kids at home all summer? But the other part of me enjoyed so many moments with these awesome kids that I can’t even believe that I couldn’t believe how long 76 days sounded like. I do this all the time – I think it is going to be a big challenge trying to keep everything on schedule for the business and entertain the kids and not lose our sanity. And I’m always wrong! I guess because we get wrapped up in our weekly school/work routine that we forget it is actually fun having them around AND with a little careful planning we manage to balance it all for the summer.

Isabella turned 8 on Monday and started school on Wednesday, she is now in 3rd grade. How is that possible? Even less probable is that Gabby started Kindergarten. In some ways it seemed so long in coming yet how is my little baby now a kinder? I guess I’m not breaking down in hysterics because this is both of their 3rd years with the same class/same teacher. I love the Montessori way of doing things. After 3 years in the same class, they are now the leaders – they get to help the little ones in their respective classes. It’s a big deal for them and they were both so proud heading off to school.

We might be back to school, moved into our new office (well we still need to do some cosmetic stuff to make it look beautiful) and back to work full time but if you read this blog with any regularity – be prepared. There are still Paris posts to come! It may look like I’m still pretending we are there. Of course, I wouldn’t mind still being there but really, Keith just took so many great photos while we were there that I feel compelled to share them with everyone.

Oh, I almost forgot we were actually working while we were there. We will definitely be sharing a few of our family portrait sessions in Paris. Mais Bien Sur!

Kristen Butler - August 13, 2012 - 8:51 pm

I know I will never get tired of seeing Paris photos! Congrats to Gabs being a big kindergartner. She looks as if she’s ready to take on the world in this image!

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