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How to photograph kids | La Fête Foraine du Jardin des Tuileries Paris | children’s portrait photographer

La Fête Foraine du Jardin is a temporary summer carnival that is located in The Tuileries Garden, just near the Louvre. Every spring/summer this carnival includes everything that makes carnivals so colorful and entertaining. Since the apartment we were staying in was just a short walk from here, we ended up walking through the Tuileries often and of course the kids could not resist insisting on the detour through the carnival.

In my opinion, a trip to a carnival, state fair or amusement park is just not as memorable without photographs. I just love the bright colors, crowds of people and the energy. A summer carnival in Paris – I couldn’t wait for Keith to photograph the kids.

Aaahh but the kids had a different idea! If only photographing your own children was as enjoyable as photographing other people’s children! (Did I just say that? I probably shouldn’t.) It is often very, very difficult to get our own kids to be willing participants. Keith had to earn these shots. Isabella did not make this easy. As Keith says – take what the defense gives you. But the bottom line is photograph fast, fast, fast because the window of cooperation is tiny. In fact most times there is no cooperation but with a little anticipation, you can get your shot.

Well I wanted pictures but the kids were just not interested. What better way to get cooperation then a bribe? (Before I had kids I swore I would never bribe them, oh how silly I was, bribing gets you everywhere with kids!) I spied the cotton candy – it all started to come together.

Since Isabella was mildly distracted by her cotton candy – Keith was able to grab the first picture. She is slightly camera aware. The lighting was just perfect. It was close to 9:30 pm – the sun couldn’t have been any more beautiful. The backlighting helped to separate her from the background, the crowd, the rides, the games were in the distance. Just her and the cotton candy.

The second photograph has Isabella being more part of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the crowd. Always use what’s around you – if it’s a busy place, don’t be afraid to show it. She is completely camera aware at this point, staring right at Keith as he takes the photograph. A level of cooperation I’m not used to. But it was fleeting. The exaggerated faces and general complaints of having her picture taken quickly followed.

Keith was able to get a beautiful series of photographs. He was deliberate and ready – anticipation is the key to capturing these unscripted moments.

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