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I have been a big fan of quotes since maybe forever. I remember a college paper that I wrote about World War II. I was fortunate enough to interview a Holocaust survivor that retold so many amazing stories. I needed to figure out a way to incorporate his story into my term paper. By using his meaningful quotes to begin each section of my paper, I was able use the emotion and meaning of his stories as exclamation points that gave a human face to the suffering endured during the Holocaust. The impact was tremendous.

From that point on, I understood how important a quote can be. A quote can tell a story, bring back memories, motivate you or open your eyes. But the importance of a relevant quote can not be overstated.

The above quote from A Single Shard (a children’s book) by Linda Sue Park is a perfect example. A disappointment can easily turn into an opportunity.

What is your favorite quote?

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