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how to photograph kids: where should the session take place? | phoenix child photographer

A thoughtful question that we often get when booking a family portrait session: Where should the session take place? If possible, we will suggest beginning the session in the family’s home. Why the home you might ask? Well, we are big believers in having a portrait session take place in a spot that has some relevance and meaning to you and your family. Where better to start then at home? Kids are immediately in their comfort zone. They can show you their room. Share their favorite toy. Play with their favorite musical instrument. Dress in their super hero costume. Or just be themselves. The home is a great ice breaker.

The above family session was in the San Francisco Bay area. We first met this wonderful family when we lived in the same community here in Arizona. They moved back to the Bay area a few years ago. Oh how happy we are to visit them on our annual trip to San Francisco every June! We love the visit and we love where they live! Happily, they are stuck with us.

But these few photos from their family session illustrate our point. The little boy came home from art class wearing those shades. He was totally comfortable in his home. He grabbed his super hero cape and was playing in his own world. Next, brother and sister moved outside to their back yard playground. Keith documented them inside and outside having a great time, totally comfortable in their surroundings. We ended with the posed family shot on the street in front of their home. The little boy grabbed the blue balloon he had received earlier in the day from getting his hair cut. A beautiful family snap shot on a sunny afternoon, barefoot and casual.

While we love to photograph families at home – home is not the only option! Besides the home, we then recommend choosing a potential location based on something that is interesting to your family. The park. A baseball game. The Children’s Museum. The train tracks downtown. A desert trail. A place where the kids can explore and be themselves. A little space is all that is needed for a successful family session.

Beautiful moments are waiting to happen everywhere!

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