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how to photograph kids: taking great pictures on halloween | children’s portrait photographer phoenix

The kids have been waiting for this day since Christmas – Halloween is here!

Both my girls asked me why there is school on Halloween. I guess that’s a fair question in the minds of a 5 and 8 year old. This is the super holiday and why should any of the day be wasted in the classroom? Fortunately, both classrooms are carving pumpkins, making pies and doing all things festive. But I know that is just a mini distraction for the events of tonight.

Of course Keith has been given the strict orders to be home in time to photograph the kids before we take them trick or treating. Like he might miss something like that – no chance. Above are last year’s Halloween photos taken just before trick or treating commenced. The girls are with their cousin and life long friend ready to hit the neighborhood. I do remember that Gabby put shoes on before she started running around the neighborhood, she was just so excited!

So how do you take great pictures on Halloween? It’s that time of year in most parts of the country where it gets dark really, really early. If you can time it right, the best time to take photos of kids dressed in their costumes is right around dusk. Head outside, try and get the horizon light right behind them. If you are using a camera that allows you to make manual adjustments, use a large aperture (f 2.8 for example) to make the background go blurry and become less distracting. If you are not on a dangerous street, Keith is a big fan of going out into the middle of the street. These photos should be all about the kids and their adorable costumes. But of course don’t let the kids get hurt!

Have fun trick or treating. I can’t wait to see lots of great pictures on Facebook tomorrow!

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