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happy veteran’s day | phoenix children’s photographer

Last week, our niece Ava asked Keith if he was able to participate in her school’s Veteran’s Day celebration. Keith said yes of course!

So Friday morning Keith received a little name tag and was asked to sit with dozens of fellow veterans. Maybe in excess of 50 veterans were sitting in the first few rows of the school’s auditorium. They were treated to the 2nd and 5th graders singing an assortment of patriotic songs. After the singing, the kids had a small parade through the campus. It was like the Canyon of Heroes, the kids were waving flags and high fiving the veterans as they walked through. Keith mentioned that he teared up, he was so touched by these little kids! (and of course loved his decorated tin with pencil, see photo above!)

It’s funny when you used to look at our grandfathers that had served in WWII and they weren’t that old. Now their numbers are dwindling. The Vietnam veterans are our dads. The Desert Storm and Iraq and Afghanistan vets are our husbands, brothers and sons.

When Keith is thanked for his service he finds it awkward. As he likes to say, he just did it. He didn’t think it was a sacrifice or something to be thanked for. Just something he felt he should do.

And now, all these years later, it’s an honor for him to participate in such a touching Veteran’s Day Celebration.

Thank you Pep (my grandfather), my uncles, cousins, friends and of course Keith. I wish none of you had to serve, especially in war time, but I am deeply grateful that you did.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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