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Happy Thanksgiving!

{I’m thankful for Instagram! Photos above are taken by me – not Keith! I’m sure I didn’t really need to tell anyone that – you could probably figure that out on your own. }

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is by far my favorite holiday – delicious food, great company, lots of visiting and the kids have a blast. We have so much to be thankful for starting of course with our two beautiful little girls, our wonderful family, a successful profession that no day seems like work, our health and just the happiest life one could ask for.

I asked the girls and their cousin Ava what they were thankful for. The family dog seems to be popular. And of course Mommy and Daddy (rightfully so of course!)

Isabella is thankful for:
1. Mommmy (I like that!)
2. Daddy
3. Gabby (that’s sweet!)

Gabby is thankful for:
1. Pooch
2. Horses
3. Mommy & Daddy
she went for four even though I asked for 3
4. also I’m thankful for the world because I love the world

Ava is thankful for:
1. Bobo (her dog)
2. Ben (my mom’s recently deceased dog, interesting choice!)
3. My Mom and Dad

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