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Summer is here! | Children’s Portrait Photography | Block Island, RI | Hilton Head, SC | New York City | La Jolla, CA

Aaaahhh, yes Summer has arrived! If you live near us, the warm weather has been here for awhile! If you are anywhere else – Summer is probably just kicking into high gear. In fact, the Summer Solstice is still a few days away! Living here in Phoenix, the beginning of triple digits means the beginning of our busy travel season.

First stop: Block Island, Rhode Island. 6/21-6/22
To think, we used to live just a stone’s throw from the Ferry to Block Island – now we live more than 2,500 miles away. But any excuse to get back to this beautiful New England favorite! To any one who hasn’t been – Block Island is a unique little spot worth a visit for sure. Picturesque scenery, beaches, quaint town, light house, isolation, what more could one want on a beach vacation?

Well, someone might want something a little further down on the Eastern seaboard.

Second stop: Hilton Head, South Carolina. 6/24-6/28
This will be our first time to this famous spot. We are really looking forward to spending some time on these gorgeous beaches. Really excited for some gorgeous beach sessions!

Third stop: New York City. 7/11-7/15
Well – what more can I say? We love, love, love Love family sessions in NYC. Maybe because it’s Keith’s home town – but it is so much fun to have kids just running around the city – photographing them amongst all that makes NYC so special!

Last Summer Stop: La Jolla, CA 8/3-8/7
What summer (if you live in AZ) would be complete without a trip to the oh so beautiful beaches of Southern California?

Give us a shout if you would like to catch up with us in one of these awesome locales! Looking forward to a fun summer!

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