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A typical day in NYC | Children’s Photographer, New York City

This past July, Keith was in New York for a job and was able to hook up with Sharon Beesley – author of the fun blog NYC Taught Me. They spent the better part of a beautiful Summer evening together – doing what the family does best: hanging out and having fun!

Their family session started by meeting at the Beesley’s apartment on the Upper West Side, walking around the city – visiting the usual haunts like the local deli (every New Yorker has one of those!) and the neighborhood park and Keith just documented the family being themselves. {Please click here to read her version of their family portrait session}

Sometimes I think about what it would be like if we hadn’t moved from New York to Phoenix over 8 years ago. How would Keith and I have done raising a family in NYC? Would the kids have been on a wait list for a preschool? Would we have had to sell everything we owned just to afford this preschool? What would it be like for them to grow up in this huge city? Good, bad, different? I see how contented these three children are. They are very similar to our two girls: happy go lucky, rough-housing, just having a great time playing and being kids.

I guess time will tell what NYC has taught them…but one thing is for sure, I know it will be a lot!

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