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An Afternoon at the Park | Children Unscripted | Phoenix Children’s Photographer

It’s like taking candy from a baby. Getting kids to open up and just enjoy themselves during a children’s portrait session is so easy if you have the right elements. Bring children to a park and let them be and the results are just incredible. No posing, just letting the personalities shine through.

At first, this brother and sister duo weren’t quite sure what to make of the guy with the camera following them around the park. Mom was awesome, she stepped away and let Keith do his thing. You can see there’s a little apprehension at first, but the kids let their guard down pretty quickly. Once they climbed their first tree they were off and running. Laughing, playing, rough housing, just being themselves. Interacting like they always do. Kids being kids.

This mom wanted a session because her daughter was missing her front teeth – she thought this was a great opportunity to capture the innocence of childhood.

I couldn’t agree with her more. These childhood moments are fleeting, happy they are captured forever.

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