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First Swim Meet | Phoenix Swim Club | Children’s Photographer Arizona

I wasn’t able to be at Isabella’s first swim meet last month. I guess the hazards of working in the wedding industry is not having weekends to be part of all these special moments. It was a Friday evening, fortunately Keith was able to attend along with both grandmothers, an aunt, a cousin and a grandfather. Pretty good attendance in the Isabella cheering section. I was able to live vicariously through Keith’s photos and everyone’s recollections.

From what I was told, Isabella was off the blocks for the 50m freestyle – and her goggles came off. She lost time because she stopped in her swimming lane and was a little confused about whether the goggles popping off disqualified her or whether she should keep going. Well the coach told her to keep going. Without goggles, she swam her little heart out. She caught back up, not close enough to win, but finished respectably.

When I heard what happened in her first heat, my heart hurt with love. I was so proud of her. So excited for her first meet yet so disappointed for her that her first time out she had a mishap. But I love that she didn’t quit and kept swimming till the end, holding the goggles in her hand. I was so proud of her. And so disappointed that I couldn’t be there with her.

I know there will be lots of great and not so great swimming moments that lay ahead for her. She enjoys the sport and embraces the challenges. And I bet she will remember the first heat in her first swim meet forever and ever.

And hopefully her goggles will never fall off again!

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