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Oceanside Pier California | B&W Film Photography

Beach Photography California

The wooded pier in Oceanside, California was a huge hit with the kids on our last trip to California. They loved the long walk out over the water. So many sights to see. A large pelican sat on a trash can close enough to touch. A guy was making really large soapy bubbles and the kids loved seeing them float out over the beach, trying to pop them as they floated over the rail. People fishing. Lots of activity and people everywhere you looked.

Down below the pier things were a bit more serene. The kids ran in and out of the water, jumping through the waves, just laughing and running, running and laughing. They ended up getting soaked and not even caring that I didn’t even have a towel with me.

Keith captured this photo of Gabby as we were about to leave the beach.

It never fails to astound me how purely magical the ocean is. The energy. The renewal. The feeling that you can do anything. Time stands still at the beach.

Children at the beach personifies all the beauty of childhood.

Camera: Zeiss Ikon ZI Film: Kodak Tri-X

(note from Keith A fellow photographer mentioned that this photograph reminded them of the well known photo Child with Toy Hand Grenade by Diane Arbus. While not my intention when taking the photo, any comparisons to a photographer as great as Diane Arbus will always be appreciated whether or not deserved.)

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