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I love this little girl | Phoenix Children’s Photographer

gabby at the park

It probably seems like Gabby makes more appearances than Isabella on this blog. The plain truth is that she really doesn’t mind her photo being taken so Keith gets many more natural opportunities to photograph her being herself. With Bella, she sees the camera and either puts on a face or tries to hide. Hard to believe, she is such a beautiful little girl but is not a fan of the camera.

I was just looking through some images to put a blog post together for a recent children’s portrait session and I came across this test roll of film that Keith had taken about a year ago. This photo speaks to me as Gabby’s mom. It is just so her. I wasn’t even with Keith when he took this photo but I can guess that it is after school. She decided to wear one of her lovely outfits that she puts together herself – her sister’s old ballet leotard from years ago accompanied by her socks and sandals – how European!

She is her usual disheveled after school self and I love every inch of her.

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