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Happy Spring | Another week flies by!

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I’m trying to make this a regular enough post. So much happens during the course of the day and with the glory of instagram, I find it fun to share what the family did over the past week. Some things make it onto facebook and others don’t but rather than trap these photos on my phone, I’m sharing them with the world.

Gabby peering out the window at night is from a trip to Burton Barr Library in Phoenix for the Kids in Focus exhibit. She adores this place, the library is hers and boy does she take full advantage. Devouring books. I took this photo because it is exactly who she is as a kid. Just like the photo of her on a swing on a beautiful spring evening, she just grabs life and lives it. Whether it be the library or the park or a climb up Papago. Nothing happens without passion in her life. I can’t wait to see what her future holds!

My beautiful Isabella decided she wanted a streak in her hair. She was so proud of her peachy pink streak – I know I’m not the only mom out there that just thinks their kids are just so damn cute. Seeing how happy and proud she was with this streak, sometimes it’s the smallest little things that mean so much. She fills my heart I just love her so.

The week was sandwiched by a hike with cousin Ava at Piestewa Peak and a family hike at Papago. The weather is incredible right now and it is just a matter of time it will be as hot as hades and we will need to hide from the hot, hot sun! During the week, a lovely lunch out with my sweetie – the Taco Guild is delicious. Bumpy turned 70 and the kids each made him a very special brownie cake. Glad he loves chocolate! Caught Keith editing some negatives. And Isabella’s swim club in moving to a new location. Last day at this very special pool.

Hard to believe it is already the end of March. Happy Spring!

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