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Boys will be boys | Phoenix Children’s Photographer

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A fun family session in Phoenix. Boy these boys have energy. And Keith was able to capture it! Lots of running, sliding, playing, joking, more running, sliding, playing. A family session that reflects who this family is. That’s what is so fun about improvisational photography. Let the kids be themselves and photograph them doing it. Fun for everyone involved. And of course the end result are photos of these boys being who they really are. These parents will look back on these photos years down the road and be taken right back to that park, that day. They will remember how much fun they used to have when their boys were small. Great memories. Honored to capture them.

Caroline Barkley - April 15, 2014 - 7:14 pm

This is why improvisational photography is so superior to the old fashion “posed” photos. They tell a story and capture memories. The studio posed pictures now seem to be such a thing of the past. You see how pretty or handsome the child was at a particular age but it’s one dimentional. The school photos they bring home each year can do that. I don’t know the families you post but I always enjoy looking at them.

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