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Le Roi des Frites Paris | Ketchup Face | Family Travels

ketchup faceEvery time we need to look through our archives for a Lightroom catalog to place an order for a client we undoubtedly come across a long lost photo of one of our kids that stops us in our tracks. It’s so hard to not look. Yes, we would be more productive if we weren’t side tracked by photos of our cute little kids. But it’s a worthwhile use of time (I tell myself).

Keith came across this shot of Gabby from our trip to Paris – nearly 2 years ago. He called the photo “Ketchup face” – I wonder why? Look at this kid. I could squeeze her through the computer she is so darn cute. Of course, a photo like this takes me right back to that very moment. We had rented an apartment in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris for a month two summers ago (already!!). There was this Belgian chip shop on the corner, right near the closest Metro stop – we had to pass on our way back to the apartment.  De Clercq had the best (French? Belgian?) fries – hard to pass by without grabbing the kilo of fries for 5 euro. Gabby adored them. They had lots of great dipping sauces but her favorite was – ketchup. As you can see from the photo!

I’m thinking now of all the fun we had that month.  How beautiful Paris is. How I would love to be there right now. So many great memories. Thank you to this photo for reminding me of that day – and our family adventure.

Looking forward to this year’s trip: July in Sicily.

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