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I want to take great photographs | Personal

For years now I have told myself over and over that I want to take beautiful photos. I would love to work alongside Keith as a second photographer or even have a little niche for myself within our business. But for some reason, even though I have Keith to help me with all things photography, I just haven’t taken that first step.

Keith has always encouraged me to pick up the camera. He leaves one of his extra Canons sitting out for me and has kind words to say  about my potential but he always says that I will when I want to. Well I finally want to. So the above photos were taken by me (NOT KEITH – so those of you that are planning on hiring him to photograph your family, this is not what you are going to get!!!) on a recent trip to California.

This is my first attempt, I had the camera with me all day at the beach. I just picked a handful of what I thought were the best from this series of photos. I put them in Lightroom, had some issues (I know Keith is shaking his head right now!), so I abandoned doing any work to them, EXCEPT I converted a few to black and white). I’m going to say what I think went right or wrong with each photo and encourage people to chime in with their opinions.beach photographyI love the kids running in and out of the water. I like this photo, but it’s missing something, not sure what. I thought it looked better as black & white.  kids beach photographyGabby looks adorable BUT she isn’t sharp. I probably snapped a little too late (or early) not seeing if she was in clear focus – this is just a snapshot because of that. If her face had been more sharp, I would LOVE this photo.  I like Bella in the background, but think the composition of this photo could use some help.beach photography californiaI was looking at this scene and loving how everyone was doing different things. There are bubbles coming down from the pier above, kids are trying to pop them. Gabby is running. People are interacting. It’s a little dark and I wish Gabby was more pronounced somehow.  beach photography californiaI saw this surfer walking across the beach. He looked so focused coming out of the water. I like his shadow. I like the bird, but if  it had been a little higher int he sky. Or maybe it would look better if the bird was out of the picture. Not sure.beach photography san diegoLike this beach scene as we were walking off the pier. I like the time of day, I like how the people are scattered and I like the coast line. I converted it to black and white but I also liked it in beach photographyI saw the girls standing there and I loved their shadow. It was so perfect. I should have taken more than one frame, because they aren’t in focus or they are not sharp and they are making odd faces. If I could do it again, I would have waited for them maybe to be looking at me – and I would have done a better job of sharpening them up.beach photographyLove this pier. Love the light. Overall I like the direction this photo was going. Well I’m taking this seriously now. I really, really want to become a photographer. I look at Keith’s (and all sorts of other great photographer’s) photos and I’m inspired. Working alongside him I definitely get to pick up little things all the time. It is all sinking in. Practice makes perfect (and some technical knowledge can’t hurt either!). Stay tuned cause this camera is coming with me everywhere.

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