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Happy May | Time Flies

kids photographer scottsdaleOh I wish I was more diligent about posting weekly about the goings on with the family. We have had a hectic last few weeks. I love to be busy and busy we were. And in case I forget to mention it, the weather here in Phoenix has been divine. It is the first week in May and we have not hit 100 yet! So because of the beautiful weather, we have had extra time outside. It’s like waiting for the dead of winter back east, once June/July/August roll around, we are limited to inside, shaded areas and the swimming pool.

So evening trips to the park are a must this time of year. And of course the ice cream man knows it. He is parked by the park! And I love that the modern ice cream man takes debit cards. Really? I tried to tell the kids one day as he was driving by us that I didn’t have any cash. Well astute little Gabs noticed the Visa/MC logo on the side of his truck. Oh Square – must every phone be allowed to be a credit card machine??? Oh well.

Photo #1 is the line for the ice cream man! Photo #2 is Isabella’s newest entrepreneurial idea. She is making these braided head bandy type things with flowers. They are actually really cute. She gifted one to a friend of hers who wears it daily to school. Mass production is around the corner when summer arrives. Look out!

Swim meet, getting the goggles sorted before the 100m breast stroke. It’s almost like Derek Jeter or dear I say Ichiro – the rituals. The rituals….regardless of sport – they start young. Or maybe it’s because in her first ever race in her first meet, her goggles popped off and she had to finish the race with the goggles in her hand. Scarred for life I think.

Gabby Bear passed out sick in our bed, with her companion Pooch by her side. Oh how endearing sick children are. This kid warmed the cockles of my heart at 3am being so damn adorable I could have cried. Sleep seems like an option when your kid is sick. And it really doesn’t bother you that you are about to wake up in an hour or two for a 13 hour work day. It’s like it’s separate or something, you can compartmentalize it all.

Ah yes, Gabby and gymnastics. Was this sport created for her? It fits her like a glove. Tiny, energetic – this is such a good fit. She LOVES it.

And Miss Bella with her presentation on Mathew Brady. The end of year art presentation – was actually really fun to attend. Multiple classrooms with all sorts of different takes on some great artists. Bella chose a photographer, hhmmm wonder why? She’s loving the large format style, who knows maybe this will plant a seed?? She looks pretty proud behind that camera!

You know before having Gabby – as every mom with two kids knows – you had dedicated all your time to the first born. Then along comes this second little firecracker (and I know some of you have many, many more kids to divide your time between) and you never seem to quite be able to spend the same amount of alone time with them as you did your first born. But you know what, it’s really worth it to find time. I can’t even explain how excited Gabby is when we have this time alone doing things as just us. Don’t get me wrong, most times she can’t stand to not share every single experience with her sister, but there are these every now and again times where it is just her and I. And she doesn’t hesitate to tell me how much she loves it….and I do too!

Hiking at Papago. Lunch at Fox Restaurant Groups newest winner: Flower Child. Check out this place – as vegetarians there was plenty of choice for Keith and I but there are also all sorts of great omnivore options as well. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!!!

Enjoy the Spring weather!

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