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Make up how to | Makeup Tutorial by Linda Wagner

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Well for those who know me well, I rarely wear makeup EXCEPT for the most part when we I need to look like a professional or for a special occasion. I have been lucky, I’m certainly not a cover girl but I was given some basic gifts like good skin and some decent eyes. So for most of my life, I pretty much ignored all that make up had to offer.

Those days are over! As 45 approaches this July, I’m not looking quite as youthful as years past, imagine that? I look tired (cause I am), a little haggard every morning when I wake up, the circles are a little deeper and darker. I’m thinking it’s time that a light application of something to make me look a touch better is now required before I step out the door.

Now I also need to be honest that I don’t really know a lot about make up and it’s correct application. (Yes, for those that have laid eyes on my first ever passport, I was 15 with lots of purple eyeshadow and blue eyeliner!) I joke that I’m only half girl as I have such little interest in these sorts of things. But the time has come. And who better to help me make this big step a little easier than Linda Wagner – fabulous Scottsdale make up artist.

Linda is a sweetheart, patient and kind and really good at what she does. She explained to me in great detail what I should use, what I could incorporate from the make up I already own (what should be thrown out and how often, I’m really bad about that) and some recommendations for what I need to add that will make a difference.

Of the many make up options she recommended, the four that I am embracing most are: Chanel’s CC Cream (this correction cream has sunscreen + it is lightweight and disguises the redness in my skin), Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink, Hoola Bronzing Powder (matte not shiny!) and the best mascara I have ever used, Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real. The coverage is great and the brush makes it so easy to apply.

Now I’m sure many of you reading this can’t understand how I never knew of these products till now – let’s just say that I’m not really great at experimenting, I probably had the same make up routine for nearly 20 years. I know, it’s embarrassing!

Well now I feel great – I can embrace my mid 40’s with a little bit of well applied make up. With a few products, I really do look better, more fresh, more rested, ready to take on the day.

Thanks Linda for taking the time to help a poor girl learn about make up and its application – as the saying goes it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!


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