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gabby at the park

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. Dr. Seuss

We already miss this place so much. The Phoenix Swim Club’s previous location was such an ideal setup for little and big kids alike. Whether you are a swimmer or just there to wait for a sibling to swim, all the kids enjoyed themselves at this safe little haven!

Gabby had a blast at this place every single day. She had her little posse of friends and loved playing on the old playground equipment. We were just scanning film that was picked up from the lab and I fell in love with this photo of Gabby.

I love her intensity. I love the look on her face. I love that she is so darn strong. I love the bandaid on her arm from a collision at school. I love how her feet look like mine, bunions and all. I just love this kid.

And I love how Keith is able to document their childhood one beautiful photo at a time. I am so lucky!

{Camera: Zeiss Ikon  Film: TriX}



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