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Summer is about to Begin | End of School Year | Family Travels

photo credit: moi (not Mr. Pitts!)beach photos californiaWell, it’s that time of the year. Emails are circulating from room moms asking for end of year gift donations. Both kids have had a pool party to attend (God bless the hosts I’ll tell ya, 28 kids running around your house/yard! Not sure I’m cut out for hosting a party of this size!). Summer home work assignments have come home. Official homework has ended. End of year parent/teacher conferences have concluded. Yes, the school year is coming to an end.

Bad mom, I have mixed emotions. I love my kids to death but every year around this time I get this strange feeling about the transition from school routine to summer break. I think I have it all covered. At least I have tried to balance not bankrupting the family with expensive summer camps and a healthy mix of travel while still trying to maintain the ability for us to keep working all the way through.

Being self employed has huge benefits but it also has some negatives. Just because you have a home office doesn’t make it less officey then going to an actual employer. Yet, it can be hard to remain disciplined and productive with two small children on summer break.

Solution: Camp. So off they go to camp for the first few weeks of break. Then a week in California that is 20% work/80% vacation. Well we found an excuse to turn a location job in California into our reason to justify spending a week. Why not? Then back to camp for a few weeks before we embark on our big summer adventure in Sicily. Today’s technology means we are always just an email/skype away from being in touch with clients all the while photographing our way through Italy.

This rant was a roundabout way of me realizing that I have to start thinking about what we are going to bring on our trip. Now it’s a working trip as Keith is photographing a wedding at the end of July in a picturesque village in Sicily. So we need to incorporate his gear with all we need for a family to spend 3 weeks away. And I want to travel LIGHTLY. I have decided that only two carryon pieces of luggage (plus a backpack for each kid) are going and all the family’s items have to fit (since the kids always say they will pull their own weight and only do for a short time) I’m talking 5 sundresses, bathing suit, sandals and some undies for each kid kind of light. Strategic packing.

Hard to believe the school year is coming to a close. But I’m looking forward to having the camera in hand all summer documenting the kids’ adventures and our family travels.

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