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healthy lifestyleWell I have been a vegetarian for nearly 4 years. I don’t eat eggs and fish, but do eat cheese. Keith has fluctuated between vegetarian and vegan over the last several years, currently a vegetarian, same as moi no eggs and fish but yes to cheese. But even though we changed our lifestyle years ago, after watching Food Inc and Forks Over Knives, we never lost any weight. We have maintained the same weight for years.

I have pretty much kept my post pregnancy weight going on nearly 10 years. Yes, Bella will be 10 in August and I have never lost those 20 or so pounds that hang around. Now that I am in my mid-40’s, things are starting to jiggle that never jiggled before and it just seems that my body is changing.

I’m not sure what sparked me the other day, but I decided it was time for a change. Keith could jump on board if he wanted (and I hoped) but something had to give. I was standing at the library while Gabby and her best friend were deciding on their books and I started flipping through the “10 Day Detox Diet” by Mark Hyman. I’m not a big believer in diets but I kept reading. So what I took away from the book is a lot of what I already know: a little more attention paid to what we eat, coupled with increased exercise will lead to weight loss. That part I get. But something clicked in my head that said now is the time – we can do this – let’s skip the grains and dairy and make a change in our eating habits for 10 days and double down on the exercise and see what results we get.

The above is our morning shake, filled with lots of vegetables and fruit. This is a major step for Keith who has never embraced most green vegetables as well as orange ones, purple ones, red ones, etc. So for him to be happily drinking this smoothie every morning is just amazing. And the other photo is our lunch today. Which comprises about 6 ingredients, 5 of which Keith would never have eaten before we decided to do this.

We don’t weigh ourselves so I don’t have a beginning weight. We started our new way of eating Monday evening with dinner. By Tuesday I was trying to find a new exercise program that we would both want to attend. We were currently doing Insanity – which is tough – but I don’t put 100% into the workout because it’s me against the TV and Shaun T. I need something more. Something to get me motivated.

With a little google searching I found Amenzone. Wow, wow, wow what a kick a** workout. Incredible. No weights, no machines, just you against you. Tires, ropes, boxing, a great combination that is just incredible. Both Keith and I really enjoy it, even though it is so tough. Remember I’m the girl who never sweats at the gym, that’s how little effort I put into working out unless someone is pushing me. This place, forgettaboutit – exhaustingly awesome!

I’ll give regular updates as to how we are doing and what we do after! We are on our 4th full day, 6 to go!!! Wish us luck!

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