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First Child v Second Child | Baby Photography Scottsdale

baby photographyThis series of photos from a recent baby session made me chuckle. Keith has been photographing this family since the first son was in mom’s belly – and now here we are a several years later and the second child has arrived. Well what makes me chuckle is that I just love how calm, cool and collected mom is as her son is perched right above the baby about to take a jump within inches of his adorable newborn life.

I can see myself as mom in these photos. When our first daughter was born, I thought she would break no matter what we did. If I wasn’t checking her breath to make sure she was breathing while she was sleeping, then I was stressing about leaving her with anyone other than my own mother or really wondering how the hospital could send me home with this tiny little thing and actually think that I was capable of taking good care of her. Without instructions.

And then came my second daughter 2 1/2 years later. My how things change. We had a Super Bowl party at our house the day we came home from the hospital (lots of people, germs and a newborn? oh well). She slept in a crib from day one (no co sleeping like I did with the first one). And surprisingly enough, I realized she wouldn’t break that easily and I actually didn’t pass out when Isabella came near her.

So these pictures above bring me right back to that time in our lives. The way a mother changes from her first child to her second (I can’t even imagine how laid back you get by 5th or 6th!). Just like I never thought I could figure it out having two children I also never realized that my heart could overflow with this much love. My heart grows every single day. These photographs are what it’s all about.

Photos like this telling a mom’s story.

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