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gabby in the library

Boy oh boy do some pictures just tell the story or what???

This kid ADORES the library. Loves her books. She is always reading. In the car. Eating breakfast. On her way to school. She can’t get enough of books. And this picture just sums her up.

I sound like a broken record but there are just those pictures that will really remind you of something. This is one of them. 20 or 30 years down the road I will come across this photo and be taken right back to Gabby’s childhood. Who knows what she will be. What college she will attend. What city she will live in when she is grown. But taking one glimpse at this photo will remind me of little Miss Gabs and her passion for books as a kid.

Another photo that documents her childhood.

(Camera: Zeiss Ikon, Film: TriX)

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