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salton sea instagramTo say we have wanted to go to the Salton Sea for a bit is an understatement.

We drive to California often. Every trip, we see that sign for Coachella on I-10 and know that ‘s the turn off. But we never seem to have a few extra hours to spare.

Well on our return trip from California this time around, we made time to visit. I’ve seen the documentary. (hard to imagine Frank Sinatra and the Hollywood set making the trek out here to 200+ feet below sea level back in the day!) I’ve seen Anthony Bourdain’s trip to the Salton Sea on the Travel Channel. Curiosity for sure. Morbid perhaps?

But this is a place you just have to see for yourself.

It’s always interesting to explain this kind of stuff to your kids. The questions started right away: Why does it look abandoned yet people live here? Why is it so hot? Why does it smell? Why are there skeletons of people’s homes stuck in old dried out mud? Why don’t we see anyone? Who would live here? Where do you eat? Can we go in the water? Why is it so hot? (I heard that quite a few times) Why, Why, Why??

Funny what kids see. They see so innocent. They don’t see the big picture usually at this young age. Yet they brought up some pretty poignant point/facts/questions. Glad we had done a little research. A great lesson in supply and demand for sure.

If you have extra time, take a ride out to the Salton Sea. The back drop is gorgeous. The temperatures are hot. If this spot was in the Caribbean it would be hopping. Instead, it’s just plain interesting. Go see for yourself!

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