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Super 8 Films | Classic Film Making with a NYC Family


super 8 film

Our newest labor of love: Super 8 Films.  (CLICK HERE to view this NYC family film)

What a sense of nostalgia hearing those cameras. SO MUCH FUN! Love the color, love the speed which everything is moving, love how not perfect the film is, love, love, love Super 8 for family sessions!

We started playing around with Super 8 over two years ago and couldn’t stop thinking about how the motion of this film was such a perfect fit for kids. We realized that this method of storytelling fit so well with our improvisational style.

As those of you who know us, know we love film. Film is the medium that is an everpresent part of our story telling whether it be family photography or cinematic shorts. The organic nature of film, the sense of nostalgia, the transcendence of time, our vision and artistry combine to create not the typical film – but a film as unique as each family.

We will be offering these classic films (from our childhood if you were born in the 60’s like we were) as a stand alone product or an add-on to a family session.

Ask about our Summer Intro Special!

Upcoming travel schedule:

Sicily, Italy  July 10 – July 29th

NYC   August 21st – September 2

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