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Isabella turns 10 | Personal

isabella turns 10Double digits. Wow. So hard to believe that time has passed this quickly. Isabella is 10 today.

It seems like yesterday that Keith and I were racing across the Tappan Zee Bridge on our way from Nyack to the little hospital in Sleepy Hollow, New York. And now this beautiful big (still little) girl is standing before us.

I wasn’t sure back then what type of parent I would be or what type of child Bella would become. I’m not sure I’m still sure of so many things. This much I know – I love this kid to death. I love the good, the sometimes bad and everything else in between.

She was born being kind. She is just not mean. She is sensitive. She has a sweet spirit. She is soft spoken.  She is thoughtful. She has taken on so many great qualities in her decade here on earth.

She’s perceptive.  She has a great sense of humor. She is funny. She can be moody. (But so can I.) She is serious. But wow when she laughs does it fill me with so much joy. I love her laugh. She asks lots of questions, personal one’s too. She inquisitive in a subtle way.

She’s creative. Yet she is our little entrepreneur. Always dreaming up her next business. She’s a planner. She has her survival plan in case she in stranded in the water.

She dreams. I love that she dreams.

I know that we are on the precipice of young adult and it’s not always pretty. In one interaction she can be sarcastic (oh she gets that from both Keith and I), dismissive and make me want to scream. But then a moment later she is endearing and genuine and I question how I could ever be upset with her!

How could all of this evolve in 10 short years? How could I love this little girl anymore than I do? My mom always told me about how much I was going to love my kids – and was she ever right!

Happy Birthday Isabella.

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