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What to do with your summer holiday photos?

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I used to print out all my photos. I loved dropping the film off and getting photos back. But ever since I have been using a digital camera and of course, my IPhone to take the majority of my photos – they all seem to linger in a folder on my desktop.

My mom often asks when she is going to see some of these photos, since she isn’t on Facebook or Instagram, I guess never!

This is of course our business. We are paid to print photos and albums for other people, but we often neglect our own family photos. I guess it’s the same as a chef who doesn’t cook for the family. But this is the year things are going to change.

I have decided to do something with all the fabulous photos taken over the summer. We had a glorious week in California and several weeks in Sicily so I have a (digital) mountain of photos that I want to do right by.

**What to do with those Instagram photos? Well you need to visit Social Print Studio. They have the cutest selection of products – from square magnets to tiny little mini books to greeting cards. You can upload your files directly from your Instagram account (or they even allow you to use regular photos if Instagram isn’t your thing).

**Want to make your own photo book that doesn’t cost a million dollars? Artifact Uprising is my go to for soft cover books. While they aren’t the cheapest, for around $50  you can have a beautiful image wrapped book that tells the story of your summer. Really professional quality at consumer pricing. Just upload your photos and start laying it out. While it is not the most intuitive site (we have alot of practice with all sorts of album and print ordering sights) it can be navigated with relative ease. But the product is beautifully unique on recycled paper. I love them, the books and the company. Read about their Core Values, love their philosophy. They have other products as well plus you can also upload your phone photos as well!

**How about putting those family memories in to a sleek looking magazine? or maybe making an e-zine to email to friends and family? or maybe a calendar so that you can relive  your vacation over and over throughout the year. MagCloud is an awesome solution. You can make the coolest professional looking collateral – fooling everyone into thinking you are an indie publisher!

Look out mom because I will be ordering some super cool stuff to showcase our summer memories!

Niki - August 29, 2014 - 9:35 pm

So you talked about one of your goals for the new year being blogging with purpose. This is a great example and you’re off to a running start. This is very helpful information and advice that everyone can use. Thanks for steering us all in the right direction. Your blog has motivated me to do something with all my fun summer photos. THANKS MELISSA!!!!

melissa - September 2, 2014 - 4:15 pm

Thank you for the feedback Niki! We miss you guys!

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