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First Concert | One Direction Phoenix | Personal

1D in PhoenixOne Direction Concert PhoenixOne Direction Concert Phoenix

Isabella’s first concert. Wow.

This One Direction concert seemed to be years in the making. The girls have loved these guys for what seems like an eternity. So last year when 1D announced their upcoming tour dates and Phoenix was one of their stops, my sister snatched up 4 tickets.

Keith really wanted to take Isabella. His mom had taken him to his first concert (yes Kiss in makeup) 3 decades earlier. Now it was his turn to go with his daughter. How could I say no to that. I would give up my chance to see 1D – yes I could make that sacrifice. I am that selfless. (Please I hope you hear the sarcasm).

A 2 hour drive with traffic didn’t deter Bella and her cousin Ava from screaming their heads off once they got inside. Their first concert and they jumped right in – having a great time. Keith’s phone battery died so they missed out on holding the Candle App – which Bella disappointedly mentioned to me the next morning. Wow, I remember my thumb burning from holding the lighter for so long during concerts, my how things have changed.

Thanks Courtney and Keith for taking one for the team.  The girls will look back fondly on this evening!

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