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The Stein Sisters | Small Dog Rescue | Phoenix Arizona

foster a dog scottsdale strays phoenix arizona dog rescue(This adorable photo by Keith has prompted me to show off these two dogs yet again on our blog!)

We have had these two cuties for a few months now, about 7 months actually (my time flies). We have grown so fond of them that our family can’t imagine life without them. There are times when they frustrate the heck out of us because just when you think you have them trained, you realize that they are only quasi trained and may never ever be trained like our Jack Russell Pooch. Oh how she spoiled us these last 15++ years with her just about perfect bathroom skills. Then come these two. But even if they are not so perfectly potty trained – they melt our hearts every single day.

To think that these adorable dogs were rescues – on their way to be euthanized. Who would do that to these two? They were rescued by Scottsdale Strays (via other small dog rescues local and in California that do incredible work finding homes for these dogs that no one wants).  We fostered them in August (read my blog post about that HERE) and fast forward all these months later we are more in love with Tinkerbelle and Millie than we could ever have imagined. Even Pooch has taken a very strong liking to the two of them!

They started with other nicknames, Sheddy (because Tinkerbelle shed so much due to her being nervous when she first arrived) and Skinny (Millie has those long legs and she is skinny as a stick). Well things have changed (yes Tink may have gained a few pounds – ok – look at the photo of her on the older blog post v this photo, she has gained a neck!) but she has settled in just fine. Millie still has a little bit of a nervousness to her, but she is so darn endearing you just want to swallow her up.

Now these two are the Stein sisters. Millstein and Tinklestein. They have all sorts of other nicknames from the kids (and us, yes we call them all sorts of silly things!). We love that they sleep in our room each night in their little Babuska to keep them warm. We love the pitter patter of their little tiny paws on the wood floors. We love when they sometimes know to let us know that they have to go to the bathroom. We love how they snuggle with us. Most of all, we love that they will be happy in our home for many years to come!

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