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Travel to Bali | Pittstop July 2015

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We have decided to spend the majority of July in Bali this year. As those of you that live in the Phoenix area konw, July is obscenely hot and no one seems to need a photographer! I wonder why! We take the hint and get out of dodge every year. This year: Bali.

I’m really excited about this trip but I have to admit that I am struggling a bit with the idea of getting there. I have wanted to travel to Bali for a long time and I would love to travel all through the South Pacific. But I know in my heart of hearts it hasn’t happened to this point in my life because of the long flight. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around being on a plane for nearly 24 hours.

Last year when we were returning from Sicily I think it took 30+ hours, but only 14  of those hours were spent on a plane. The rest was waiting in airports, etc.  This will be less overall travel time but more time on the plane. How will I handle it? Will the kids be ok? How will Keith put up with me?

For those of you that don’t know me I have had restless leg syndrome before it had a name. Long car trips as a kid were unbearable because of the “anxiety” in my legs. It made me crazy (and I’m sure my mom and sister too). Fast forward to an adult and traveling as much as I possibly could. I always get this restless leg thing on long plane rides. Having kids has actually helped me because they distract me. They are much better travelers than I am – how is that? I remember being pregnant traveling to Ireland from Phoenix to visit my sister. Isabella was 2 years old and was the perfect little traveler on the long trip. I however had to stand for most of the trip. I just couldn’t take it. So how on earth am I going to make it to Bali?

I know I will. I always survive. My crazed concern about the length of the flights is what took me so long to pull the trigger on buying these darn tickets. I researched everything you can imagine. I was a nervous wreck. What was the right strategy?

Should we stay over night in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore to break up the trip? But then I rationalized that if we can make it the 12 -14 hours to get to these spots then we are almost there, just another 5-7 hour flight to Denpasar.

Should we take a flight that has a 12+ hour layover in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore. Stay in one of the airport hotels, catch up on sleep before the next leg? Keith’s argument is that we should just forge through it. Get through it. It is bad no matter how you break it up.

I finally wrapped my head around this being the best option. Find the flights with the shortest overall time (flight + layovers) and just get to Bali as fast as possible. Think of that beautiful hotel room on the other end – just get there!

That helped. But I was really nervous about buying these tickets. This is a big trip for us and the kids (Keith’s mom is coming as well! which is just awesome!) It took me talking this over with them a few times, rationalizing all sorts of things and just saying today is the day, we are getting these tickets and we are going to Bali.

Phhewwww. It is done! Tickets purchased. We are going. So excited!!!

And I will make it, I promise.

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