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No Two Kids are Alike | Family Photography Phoenix

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I remember my parents saying (and I guess they still do) how different my sister and I are. Funny, I see so many similarities but I guess there are just as many differences. How can kids have the same parents and be raised in the same environment and be so different?

I love my girls equally, they both have so many amazing qualities and I wouldn’t change a thing about either of them.

Isabella is quiet, sensitive, introspective, creative, beautiful inside and out. But getting her out of bed in the morning takes a half hour. Getting her to do her homework after school, a daily reoccurring nightmare. She wanders through the house without focus. She is a procrastinator. She is exactly like me! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It makes my head explode yet I lead by example!

Gabby is outgoing, vivacious, funny, has a heart as huge as can be for anything alive especially if you have 4 legs, she is also beautiful inside and out. She bounces out of bed every morning, happy and ready to take on the day. She is deliberate and efficient. She comes in the door from school and grabs her work and gets going right away. This week she has written a chapter book that is probably 1000+ words long, single spaced and really well written, just for the fun of it! She is pleasant most of the time but watch out because she has a huge personality and isn’t afraid to address anyone or anything. We often joke that she will have plenty of first dates but not as many second ones. She speaks her mind, even when no one asked! :)

There’s times during the day that I might be frustrated with them or myself. I imagine every parent feels this way at some point. Or second guess myself that I could have said something in a different way or acted like a better parent. At the end of the day though I just love these two to death. I love their quirks and what makes them uniquely them. I love how much they love us. I love every single day…..

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