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Gabby came home from school the other day and announced “I’m going to write a book”. And guess what, she has been working on it for over a week. Very determined. Much more determined about finishing this book then finishing her school report on Sicily I must say. It’s funny how easy it is to accomplish something when you really want to do it as opposed to when you have to do something!

She will not let us read her “chapter book” as she is calling it. We called it a novel and she didn’t like that descriptor, she said novels are small and her book is big, after all, it’s a chapter book for crying out loud. (Funny the perspective that kids come from sometimes!) She read a little bit to her sister before bed and of course I was listening from the hallway. It sounds really good.

Shocking to those that know her, she is writing about a dog. I think it is based on the series she has read by Erin Hunter called Survivors. But Keith and I will not be able to read it she said until it is published! Imagine that. Apparently even her grandparents will have to buy a copy. Funny how entrepreneurial little kids are today.

(Actually that just reminded me of my entrepreneurial ways as a kid. My 2 cousins, my sister and myself would “host” dinner parties for our parents and grandparents at my Nana and Pep’s house on occasion. The caveat of course was that Nana did all the cooking and of course the grocery shopping, etc. but we charged our parents for the dinner and kept the money! Similar business model I guess.)

We will help her get her “chapter book” published and will happily buy an advance copy to keep as a souvenir of her early entrepreneurial ways.

(I know this portrait of my little girl doesn’t have much to do with this blog post, but I just love it and thought I should share it! Thank you Mr. Pitts for giving me the gift of so many beautiful photos of my kids!)


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