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Small World | Dog Photography Paradise Valley

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It’s not everyday we get to hang around with such handsome pups (hopefully our adorable dogs didn’t overhear me type that!). So much fun to have the dogs be the stars of the show. These two love to play with each other – and play and play!!!

It is such a small world. It turns out that the dog handler for these dogs actually helped rescue one of our little adopted dogs. Millie our Mini Pin was indirectly rescued by Scottsdale Strays – through this woman, who had fostered and cared for Millie prior to her being adopted by us. How crazy is that? Of all the dogs in the valley and of all the great people that help with rescued dogs finding forever homes, that we would happen to be photographing a family session with their dogs and this woman would be their personal handler! (hopefully you aren’t offended by run-on sentences!!!)

Sometimes I can’t believe how close the degrees of separation are amongst people that you randomly meet.

Needless to say another day where we absolutely wouldn’t trade what we do for anything else. Being around great people with awesome dogs isn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon! :)


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