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Two Sisters | Phoenix Family Photographer

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I love these two photos. I love the sister/sister dynamic. These two photos were taken during a family session and I just adore them. This says so much about not only the fun in children’s photography but the joy and not so joyous moments between siblings.

This photo to me is the perfect example of the imperfect moment. We love these moments. This is why we do what we do. We love that this little girl is carrying the pillow around with her teeth. We love that her sister decided to just come over and hug her in the middle of it. We love that this happened smack dab in the middle of their family session. And we love that mom liked these photos as well. This is such a great example of the type of photo that is going to remind you of exactly who your kids were at a certain age. This isn’t a perfectly posed photo, coerced by a mom wanting her kids to appear perfect. Au contraire. This is a photo of her first and second born kids (little brother is out of the frame) interacting, being sisters.

In our house these sorts of moments seem to happen daily in varying degrees. The push and pull of sibling wills. The heartfelt interactions. The senseless arguments. The independence. The co-dependence. All wrapped into two adorable sisters trying to establish their personalities as they grow up.  I can’t wait to see how strong the ties are as the years go on. How they will grow to become best friends (well I think they already are even though they don’t realize it yet!).

This is one of those sets of photos that puts a smile on my face. As a mom I cherish this.


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