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The Modern Playdate | Our kids

This little vignette at our home kind of sums up the good and bad of today’s playdates. Thank goodness there is still lots of playing…with each other…outside. They run around, invent games, walk the dogs,  swim, draw, color and read. We don’t even have live television in our home, so I never worry that the kids are glued to the TV.  But invariably a device makes it’s way at some point into the fold.

It’s funny, I go back and forth with this whole electronic thing for kids. There are times when I’m ok with certain aspects of it and there are other times when I just can’t stand how prevalent these gadgets have become in our children’s lives.

We haven’t given in on our kids having phones but we do let them play with our iPads and kindles. They are laughing, interacting and just being plain cute. Then I have to remind myself that this is playing. This is the 21st century way to play a game. I guess moderation and supervision are key.

But there is something about this scene that I just adore. The kids are so relaxed. The ying and yang of the dogs laying with one another. The concentration of cousin Ava. Gabby and her best friend in the whole wide world really concentrating on the iPad. I’m sure they didn’t even notice this photo being taken.

 A snapshot of the modern playdate (at least in our house).

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