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Always Engaged | Children’s Photography Phoenix

Gabby little girlI think I’m going to look back at all the thousands of pictures taken of my kids and cherish all of them. I’m sure there is one photo out there where their hair is brushed and they are dressed perfectly. But for the most part that’s just not who our kids are or who we are as parents.

Most of our pictures are of our kids just being kids, being themselves. We generally never have a session planned or much thought put into when or how they are going to be photographed. It always seems to unfold naturally. Much the same way Keith’s sessions seem to unfold. Let the kids be who they are and document them along the way.

I think Keith was testing a new film camera after school one day and Gabby happened to be close at hand. And fortunately for us, she is generally a willing participant.

She looks right at you. Those big blue eyes grab me every time. The cock of her head. The way she is pursing her lips. Gabby to a T. And Keith captures the essence of her. every. single. time. Her soul. Exactly who she is.

My heart sings when I look at this photo.

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